The Cheaters Club by Derek Ahonen

The Cheaters Club

Written and Directed by Derek Ahonen

Aug. 17 – Sept. 21, 2013
Abrons Arts Center

Siblings Tommy, Jimmy and Cathy, along with brand-new recruit Vonn, are the Cheaters Club. Once a year, the gang gets out of town to get it on, with no spouses or strings attached, to exorcise their sexual demons. This year’s destination is the haunted Chaney Inn in Savannah, run by a mysterious family and their voodoo-ing housemaid. The dark and unresolved history of the inn is still being written, and The Cheaters Club may very well be the final chapter.


Byron Anthony | Wade Dunham | Edgar Eguia | James Kautz | David Lanson | Sarah Lemp | Judy Merrick | David Nash | Cassandra Paras | Matthew Pilieci | James Rees | Dan Stern | Kelley Swindall | Anna Stromberg | Jordan Tisdale and | Vanessa Vaché | Charlie Chase | Eloise Edwards | Janette Johnston | Mackenzie Knapp | Zen Mansley | Serena Miller | Kat Murphy | Penny O’Brien | Ben Reno and Haley Sullivan



“A manically crossbreeding sex comedy, ghost story, and southern gothic family saga.”

“The Cheaters Club is a legitimately scary ghost story which will make you laugh out loud a lot. A very difficult thing to pull off and The Amoralists do it flawlessly. Ahonen goes beyond by not only giving us a good time but also a theme to think about. Supremely Acted.”

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“Mr. Ahonen has proved himself a playwright who can transform the delicious cheese of late night movies into an original and endlessly watchable artistic voice.”


“The Cheaters Club keeps their audience on their toes. It’s just so chock full of magic, mayhem, and surprises it’s impossible not to be entertained.”

Production Team:

Production Stage Manager: Jane Davis
Assistant Stage Manager: Devin Wein
Production Manager: Jeremy Duncan Pape
Assistant Director: Daniel Shure
Choreographer: Katy Correa
Master Carpenter: Alex Gorman
Master Electrician: Evan Roby
Wardrobe Supervisor: Gamalliel Valle Rosa
Scenic Painter: Rachel Chatham
Production Associate: Pitr Strait
Production Associate: Mackenzie Knapp
Production Intern: Emma Dolhai
Production Intern: Kyle Rogers
Production Intern: Anna Vesely


Design Team:

Scenic Design - Alfred Schatz
Costume Designer: Niaamar Felder
Lighting and Production Design - Brad Peterson
Original Music, Musical Director, Sound Designer: Phil Carluzzo
Props Designer: Judy Merrick
Special Effects Designer: Stephanie Cox-Williams
Assistant Costume Designer: Alex Khalifa
Assistant Costume Designer: Celestine Spooner O’Neal
Associate Sound Designer: Nate Kinsella


From the Show: