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Written by Derek Ahonen
Directed by James Kautz

June 26th – Aug 9th, 2014

A surrealistic exploration of the pleasures and pains of addiction, The Qualification of Douglas Evans recounts the life of playwright Douglas Evans and his pursuit of acceptance in a warped world of women, family and art. From his trials as a wide-eyed teenager to his descent into the ills of artistic success, this is a coming-of-age tale of rock bottoms, bright skies and the will to rise above one’s inner animal.


Derek Ahonen | Penny Bittone | Mandy Nicole Moore | Agatha Nowicki | Samantha Strelitz | Kelley Swindall | Barbara Weetman



“The amoralists transform old wine (boozing author) into a heady brew”


“Ahonen’s tightly knit episodic drama treats alcoholism as the complicated affiliation it is.”

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“It’s all very insightful, upsetting, freakishly weird, thought-provoking, and damn entertaining. ANOTHER TRIUMPHANT FOR THE AMORALISTS. ”

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“The amoralists… head toward a new maturity and a willingness to continue breaking new ground and exploring uncharted territory. DEMANDS TO BE SEEN”

Production Team:

Set Design: David Harwell
Lighting Design: Brad Peterson
Custume Design: Lux Haac
Sound Design: Phil Carluzzo
Special Effects: Stephanie Cox-Williams
Dramaturg: Francine Volpe
Assistant Director – Qualification: Alfred Schatz


General Management – Form Theatricals
Production Manager – Jeremy Pape
Stage Manager – Kayla Tate
Marketing Associates – Sam Horvath and Brett Sher
Assistant Production Designer – Lisa Renkel


From the Show: