Pokin' the Bears in a Zoo


Written and Directed by Derek Ahonen

April 25th – June 8th, 2008

The Gene Frankel Theatre

Mabel Sternos has been murdered and her husband, Sheep-Suit is out for revenge. Can her sons sober up in time to thwart the old man’s plot? Will her poor daughter-in-law Jo Jo have the strength to hold them together? And who is the man they call Forrest? The Sternos family struggles for salvation from themselves in this darkly humorous exploration of familial dysfunction.


James Kautz | Rochelle Mikulich | Craig Peugh | Matthew Pilieci and George Walsh


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“What a pleasure it is again to witness a group of artists working their stuff with such vigor and intelligence.”

NY Theatre.com

“Feels like a mashup of Sam Shepard, Tracy Letts, and Harold Pinter. …remarkable naturalistic dialogue and plotting… raw, visceral theatre that engages the gut and the brain. Derek Ahonen’s talent as a playwright is very impressive.”

Production Team:

Writer and Director: Derek Ahonen
Stage Manager: Meredith Cody
Assistant Director: Selene Beretta
Set Design: Alfred Schatz & Matthew Pilieci
Lighting Designer: Keecia Buster
Sound Design: Bart Lucas
Costumes: Ricky Lang
Spiritual Adviser: Larry Cobra


From the Show: