Happy In The Poorhouse


Written and Directed by Derek Ahonen

March 11 – April 26, 2010
Theatre 80 Saint Marks

Paulie “The Pug” is a Coney Island dreamer… just one MMA fight away from the big time. If only he could keep his wife from screwing her ex-hudband, his brother-in-law from going to the slammer, and his best friend from taking a bite out of his neck, he’d be on top of the world. A raucous, irreverent action-packed comedy full of weak wrists and strong hearts, Happy In The Poorhouse is an unsanitized story of love, sex, and chasing after dreams even when you’ve got a black eye and a broken spirit.


William Apps | Selene Beretta | Matt Fraley | James Kautz | Nick Lawson | Sarah Lemp | Patrick McDaneil | Rochelle Mikulich | Matthew Pilieci | Mark Riccadonna and Meghan Ritchie


“Happy in The Poorhouse has a knockabout physicality that grabs your attention. But what holds it is the working-class poetry of Derek Ahonen’s script. Mr. Ahonen brings the populist instincts of a born entertainer. He might be a contender yet.”


“This gleefully crass comedy by the Amoralists is like a shotgun blast, with a charming cast, a favorable rate of funny jokes, and an undercurrent of genuine warmth help animate Paulie’s frantic campaign against uselessness and the death of dreams.”

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“If John Cassavetes had been hired to do a movie remake of ‘The Honeymooners,’ the results might have been something like the very funny (and very poignant) new play ‘Happy in the Poorhouse.’”


“There’s no denying Ahonen’s forging a unique voice. HAPPY IN THE POORHOUSE IS A FUN RIDE.”


Production Team:

Stage Manager: Judy Merrick/Dan Stern
Assistant Director: Dan Lockhart
Set Design/Fight Director: Alfred Schatz
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Duncan Pape
Props Designer: Judy Merrick
Sound Designer: The Hernandez Brothers
Costume Designer: Ricky Lang
Spiritual Adviser: Larry Cobra

From the Show:


The Amoralists present Happy In the Poorhouse by Derek Ahonen
Video by Petko Radilov