Your Exclusive Look at ENTANGLED



by Charly Evon Simpson and gabriel jason dean
Directed by Kate Moore Heaney

April 18-May 11 2019


Naomi Lorrain & James Kautz

In the aftermath of a mass shooting in NYC, the black mother of a victim and the white brother of the shooter try to make sense of what happened, each individually grappling with a soul-shattering experience that few understand. An exploration of loss and survival, ENTANGLED is the story of two strangers connected by tragedy in a nation still struggling to see itself for what it is.

“Haunting, adventurous and ambitious. A work of delicate rage.” - Jose Solis, New York Times

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Design Team:

  • Stage Manager: Kateryna Turkalo

  • Assistant Director: Katie Premus

  • Lighting Designer: Christina Watanabe

  • Scenic Designer: Andrew Diaz

  • Costume Designer: Angela Harner

  • Sound Designer: Matt Otto

  • Projection Design: Katherine Freer

  • Assistant Projection Design: Gregory Casparian

  • Production Manager: Liz Howard

  • Colin Asercion - Associate Producer

  • Sacha Spitzer - Associate Producer

Production Team:

  • James Kautz - Artistic Director

  • Lico Whitfield - Producing Director

  • Jessica Kazamel - Producer

  • Kimille Howard - Co-Program Director of 'Wright Club

  • Kate Moore-Heaney - Co-Program Director of 'Wright Club

  • Liz Howard - Production Manager

  • Ryan O’Hare - Master Electrician & Technical Director



Opening night photos:

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Entangled Press 1
Entangled Press 2