Nibbler by Ken Urban

Nibbler by Ken Urban



Written by Lyle Kessler
Directed by David Fofi

Jan 10 – Feb 17, 2013
Rattlestick Playwrights’ Theatre

Chance encounters prove calculated when three students, a professor, and a stranger come together in this incendiary new drama.

Set in a college dormitory somewhere in the heart of America, this band of incongruous intellectuals with hidden scars embarks on a dangerous course to create order out of chaos. Their united moral compass will guide them to the edge of the cliff… and beyond.

What happens when all the wrong people meet at exactly the right time?


Michael Cullen | Craig ‘muMs’ Grant | James Kautz | Nick Lawson and Anna Stromberg



“The closest thing New York has had to a vibrant company of non-celebrities.”


“Powerful new play, potent production… the five terrific actors are frighteningly convincing.”

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“Rock-solid ensemble. Arresting play… dynamic direction from David Fofi.”


“Kessler has a keen eye for psychological and emotional manipulation. Director David Fofi elicits strong work from his cast of five.”

Production Team:

Production Team:

Production Stage Manager: Judy Merrick
Assistant Director: Michael J. Kessler
Assistant Stage Manager: Jerrod Bogard
Second Assistant Stage Manager: Dan Stern
Production Manager: Jeremy Duncan Pape
Assistant Production Manager: Mackenzie Knapp Wardrobe Supervisor: Amanda McDowall


Design Team:

Set Designer: Alfred Schatz
Lighting Designer: Evan Roby
Costume Designer: Jaime Torres
Assistant Costume Designer: Amanda McDowall
Sound Designer: Phil Carluzzo
Props Designer: Judy Merrick


From the Show: