Bring Us The head of your daughter

Written and directed by derek ahonen

March 31st – April 24th, 2011
Performance Space 122

Jackie and Contessa are far from the typical American family. One black, one Jewish, and both women, they have overcome years of alcoholism and self-doubt to remain loving partners. But when their absent daughter Garance is accused of cannibalism, their Gramercy Park apartment becomes a center of chaos. The phone rings relentlessly with bigoted threats, Contessa’s long-lost brother mysteriously reappears, and to top it all off, the alleged cannibal makes a grand entrance. Bring Us The Head Of Your Daughter is a biting examination of an unconventional family and the outermost limits of familial love.


Mara Lileas | Anna Stromberg | Jordan Tisdale and Sarah Roy



“Derek Ahonen’s very funny, original, and refreshing play seems closer to real life than a lot of what’s on stage today.”

“Bring Us The Head Of Your Daughter has a lot of heart and Ahonen has some fascinating things to say about love, conventional and unconventional, and fame.”


“Bring Us The Head of Your Daughter is one of the strongest pieces the group has produced.”

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"Far more than your typical coming-of-age tale, and it's a performance you wont soon forget."

Production and design Team:

Stage Manager: Lauren Jane Brown
Set Designer: Alfred Schatz
Lighting Design: Jeremy Duncan Pape
Sound Design: Brian Lazarus
Costume Design: Ricky Lang
Assistant Director: Christopher Wharton
Crew Master: Sean Bauer
Spiritual Adviser: Larry Cobra


The original production was directed by David Levy-Horton with the following cast: Dejsha Driggs Hall | Duane Chivon Ferguson | Jennifer Fouche and Helena Lee.


From the Show: