Your Exclusive Look at ARMED

Copy of Cole Taylor and Nathan James


by JAMEs anthony tyler
Directed by bianca laverne jones

December 13th - 16th, 2018 presented at Teatro Latea at The Clemente 


Nathan James, Jasmine Batchelor, Cole Taylor, and Erin Cherry 

The Franklins are a respected, upper-middle class family who reside in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. After a mass shooting where the patriarch, Damon, was falsely accused of being the gunman, the family goes on a camping trip. Over the course of a weekend, Damon’s aversion to therapy is tested and his resistance threatens to break his family apart. Will Damon overcome his fear of not wanting to appear weak?

Through comedy, drama and dance, Armed examines how one family copes after a national tragedy.

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Design Team:

  • Co-Stage Manager: Colton Robertson

  • Co-Stage Manager: Kateryna Turkalo

  • Lighting Designer: Christina Watanabe

  • Scenic Designer: Andrew Diaz

  • Costume Designer: Angela Harner

  • Sound Designer: Matt Otto

  • Production Manager: Liz Howard

  • Colin Asercion - Associate Producer

  • Sacha Spitzer - Associate Producer

Production Team:

  • James Kautz - Artistic Director

  • Lico Whitfield - Producing Director

  • Jessica Kazamel - Producer

  • Kimille Howard - Co-Program Director of 'Wright Club

  • Kate Moore-Heaney - Co-Program Director of 'Wright Club

  • Liz Howard - Production Manager